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BIG HELLO from Cairo, in Egypt!!!

Dear ALL,
BIG HELLO from Cairo, in Egypt!!!
We are living FOR YOU meeting in India now , offering to God for you all situations of suspensions (Palestinian students still have not received the visa), fatigue, the small and big difficulties we have to face every day.
Performing a World Peace Forum in the Middle East is a huge challenge!!!!, but we commit our selves to show with our life and our words that the fraternity is REAL and POSSIBLE , that a united world, living in peace is NOT an utopia.
We will be 1300 young students from many Schools and universities of 20 countries, of various religions, cultures, and we are convinces that we are the protagonists of a change in our countries.
We count on you in these days more than ever!
Sunday night the U4UW are preparing a nice program during a boat trip on the Nile River, to welcome our the delegations.
During the first day next Monday will be welcome many Ambassadors, personalities in the political, cultural and artistic field.
More than 100 messages arrived already ,from around the world, including Emmaus, President of Focolare Mov. and Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Peace Prize 2014 and the United Nations.
Count on us during each moment of your program!!!
We wait for your message with deep emotion and joy as a concrete sign of our fraternity and our reciprocal support.
A "Pharaonic hug" to each of you, on behalf of the many young Egyptians preparing the Forum of Peace!
Y4UW Cairo - EGYPT

YOUTH WORLD PEACE FORUM 2015: Greeting from all around the world

United World Project | Newsletter ENG 04 2015

Hi there!
The last month we had a lot of opportunities to make our Project visible.
Here are some of them:
  • on 12th of March, United World Project was presented in the Italian Parliament in the presence of numerous authorities. The President of the House, Laura Boldrini expressed words of deep interest and encouragement
  • on 13th of March, at Castelgandolfo (Italy), 200 youth coming from different parts of the world got together for a one day workshop on UWP;
  • on 15th of March began our international video contest;
  • on 19th of March, took place the 2nd stage of the intercultural laboratory organized by Istituto Universitario Sophia with the theme of democracy and democratization;
  • on 28th of March in Naples, in the world premiere of “Campus” musical, Gen Rosso officially joined UWP.
From the 25th of April, United World Week begins! “Fabric, Flavour, Festival – discovering fraternity” an event centered on Interreligious dialogue will be held in India: who knows how many activities will be organized at the same time around the world.
And so keep in touch!


Places are different but the ideals are the same

United World Project | Video challenge

From today (15th of March), it start an international contest that will involve all the people around the world. The contest will end on 10th of May.
It is very easy:
  1. Make a short video (no more than 60 seconds)
  2. Publish it on the official page of United World Project www.facebook.com/uwpofficial using the hashtag ‪#‎unitedworldproject‬
  3. Share it with all your friends and ask them to click "I like" on the video and on the official page of the Project
The video will be focused on the United World Project. Tell us what it is ... how do you explain it to your friends ... tell us a concrete experience ... show us some fragments of fraternity; in short: green light to the imagination!!!
If you can, personalize the video with the logo of the UWP.
Some experts will nominate the winner (considering also the number of "I like")
What can you win? A GoPro camera!
Anyone can participate. Individuals, groups, associations, institutions ... ALL!
If you do not have a Facebook account, send the video to info@unitedworldproject.org.
Are you ready? Let's go!!!!

The Brook in the Woods

“The Brook in the Woods – the Joy of Loving” is the title of the musical starring 34 children and adolescents of Mumbai in support of the United World Week.

6 weeks of preparatory work, 34 actors and an audience of 250 people 36 thousand rupees gathered, equivalent to about €500 which is quite remarkable, considering that the sum will allow 10 youth of the city to participate in the 5-day programme to be held in Mumbai.

You can see the video clip: https://vimeo.com/122305928

The SMU 2015 transits through India. As occurred last year in Africa, the event that highlighted theUbuntu concept, this time the event will focus on the subcontinent, cradle of a variety of ethnic and religious groups that will host the main event of the week in Mumbai, from27 April to1st May, to conclude in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu (southern India), on 4 May.

As can be imagined there was an enormous load of work for the preparations of all the details- Due to this the entire Focolare Community of Mumbai has decided to roll up their sleeves and support the youth in this initiative.

A first concrete job was to prepare their own musical “The Brook in the Woods,” staged last 22 February. A story that begins with the message of unity which the Gen4 (the children of the Focolare Movement) sing about. Rehearsals, performed with enthusiasm and commitment by the children, and even with some unexpected problems that came up: the day before musical two of them got sick with high fever and the authors had to change the lyrics!

“My children are so happy!” a mother explained, They made new friends and say that they miss the rehearsals., even more than their schoolmates, because they were so happy to be together.”

"Even if the children are talented in song or dance,” another mother said, “it’s so nice to see these talents used for a beautiful and valuable cause.”